Insoles and orthotics are foot supports that are put in shoes to help improve foot function and therefore try to relieve symptoms. The type of insole depends on the nature of the problem that is required to solve. Custom made orthotics is designed to raise the arch, realign the foot, reduce pain and distribute evenly the weight that also minimizes strain to the foot knees and spine. Orthotics are of two kinds:

Classic: It's a kind of technique used with pre-cut elements. They are designed to absorb shock, improve balance, and remove pressure from painful areas. They are made from lightweight material and are often beneficial for people with diabetes or arthritis.

Thermoform: They are used to control motion in two major foot joints that lie directly below the ankle. They are often used to prevent excessive pronation (the turning in of the foot) and are useful for people who are very overweight or have uneven leg lengths.

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