Hallufix® was developed by scientists and orthopaedists for pain relief and correction of big toe malpositioning (“bunion pain”, medical term: Hallux valgus). The dynamic day and night comfort splint corrects toe malpositioning demonstrably, protects and relieves the painful bunion and supports the entire foot while walking. The splint is easily put on and can be worn left or right. The particular advantage of Hallufix: Unlike traditional rigid Hallux valgus night splints.

Babybotte & Le Loup Blanc

Branded medical shoes for babies & children introduced by a French company (Bidegain) devoted solely to making children’s shoes since 1936.


Amoena is the world's leading brand of external silicone breast forms and of specially designed post-mastectomy lingerie and swimwear.

Cure Tape

TapeConcept is a company mainly focused and dedicated to the Middle East region and as the name already indicates; supplying and marketing (medical/sport) tapes and other niche specialty products related to the Health care industry. The core product TapeConcept sells and markets is an innovative tape (Curetape ®), which has its roots in Japan and Korea.


To develop and produce high level efficiency and esthetic medical stockings is to combine medical research and the latest technologies in the textile intelligence field. A know-how that SIGVARIS has been building through its 50 years of experience, a permanent closeness to the medical community and the patients.

Pressure Garments for Burns Victim (measurement required)

Medical Z's custom made burn garments are made up of the most cost effective fabric that lasts and are compatible with oils and lotions. Our customized pressure garments made especially for burn victims are lighter, cooler and smoother

Pressure Garments for Plastic Surgeries

A wide variety of cosmetic surgery procedures require scientifically calibrated pressure therapy. For example, in the case of liposuction, there is formation of post-operative edema; an effect called "waves" that may also appear. In these cases a calculated compression is necessary to minimize the effects while allowing all muscular movement.

Medical Z Scar management Gels

Originally devised for the treatment of scars for burn victims, Medigel now has a wider range of usage for surgeries that includes aesthetics, orthopedics and podiatry. Utilizing the same technology used for Medigel Z, The Medipatch Gel Z was introduced. One of the advantage of is self-adhesiveness for repetitive applications. In addition to it's scar treatment properties. Medigel Z is proven to have more elasticity and is guaranteed for 12 weeks.


Custom-made Orthotics are contoured insoles that are manufactured from a cast of the foot. They are designed to alter the Biomechanical function, stabilising and realigning the feet into the best possible position. This helps to prevent the feet from rolling inwards, supporting the arches from flattening. In turn, this improves body posture, preventing a variety of conditions that lead to foot, knee and lower back pain.

Aetrex Shoes

Founded in 1946, Aetrex is widely recognized as the global leader in pedorthic footwear & foot orthotics. Although footwear is a mojor aetrex focus, the company has also pioneered an industry-altering technological innovation, on foot scanning for both the retail and the medical communities.

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